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0412C Best Seller Cheap Two Post Lift

Best Seller Cheap Two Post Lift

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Best Seller Cheap Two Post Lift

Technical Parameters:
Lifting capacity3500kg
Lifting Height1850mm
Pass Width2560mm
Columb Width2790mm
Total Width3280mm
Lifting time50s-60s
Motor Power2.2KW--220V/2.2KW--380V
Oli Pressure Rating24Mpa
Equipment Weight565kg

Two Post Lift aplly to all small type vehicle maintenance .


1. Floor deisgn suitable for the bottom not high in the auto repair .

2. Adopt double cylinder, 4x3 higher and stronger chain, the wire rope balance system.

3. Bilateral Manual release. 

4. Rubber pad door-opening protection.

5. Secure fence proctected the toes.

6. Rubber support pad adopts double helix adjustment height and height increase joint .

7. Limit Switch

8.The arm adopts two stages or three stages design , larger range adjustment, suitable for different vehicle chassis .Three-Node arm optional Installation.