Wheel Alignment

FRA017 Car Front End Alignment

China Car Alignment

  • MOQ: one set

FRA017 Car Alignment 

Manually adjust beam to any height, measurement and adjustment can be done at any height of lift.

This Car Alignment Technical Features:

1. High special industrial camera.

2. High speed CPU.

3. Usable for long wheelbase vehicle adjustment.

4. Specific environmental adaptivity and fill-in light flash function of cameras.

5. Camera has built-in compensation parameters to realize camera exchange.

6. Windows operation system.

7. All chassis data measurement including wheelbase, wheel track, axle offset and etc.

8. Database covering more than 20,000 car models worldwide, intelligent update at any time.

9.    Multiple compensation ways or no compensation available.

10.  Field installation, no need to calibrate.

11. Self-diagnosis and correction function.

Car Alignment Warranty: Three years warranty for core parts , one year warranty for complete machine