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7223 Hot Sale Mid-Position Scissor Lift

Hot Sale Mid-Position Scissor Lift

  • MOQ: one set

Hot Sale Mid-Position Scissor Lift

Technical Parameters:
Lifting capacity3000kg
Lifting Height1000mm 
lIfting Time50s
Length of the Platform1400mm
Platform Width530mm
Motor Power3.0KW-380V or 3.0kw-220V
Oli Pressure Rating24Mpa
Air Pressure0.6-0.8MPA
Equipment Weight580kg

Mid-postion scissor lift is suitable for mini cars maintenance.


1. The lifting platform extension,according to the different models of the vehicle support the ramp and extension, flexible use , cover small space .

2.  Pneumatic release, safe and reliable.

3.  The initial height is lower(110mm), have sliding ramp and extension.

4.  Adopt axis drived, synchronization performance good, lifting capacity well .

5.  Hydraulic system adopted imported electromagnetic valve and seal components, ensure the stability and working life of the machine .

6.  When the power supply is off , lift and vehiclecan be down by manual .

7.  Rising and falling have safety alarm device.

8.  Oil cylinder with uper return oil, prevent oil cylinder rust.

Design different voltage and frequency according to user requirement.