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0438BX Underground Scissor Lift Equipment

Underground Scissor Lift Equipment

  • MOQ: one set

Underground Scissor Lift Equipment

0438BX Undergrand Scissor Lift 
Technical Parameters:
Lifting capacity4000kg
Lifting HeightMain 1700mm  Jack 450mm
lIfting Time50s-60s
Length of the Platform4500mm
Platform Width600mm
Motor Power3.0KW-380V or 3.0kw-220V
Oli Pressure Rating24Mpa
Air Pressure0.6-0.8MPA
Equipment Weight1900kg

Underground scissor lift apply to all type vehicle for four wheel alignment and maintenance. 


1. Underground mounted, occupied small space.

2. Electric Control Pneumatic release, safety and reliable.

3. Hydraulic system adopts the advanced integrated valve plate oil and imports of seal parts.

4. Power Failure can adopt manually wll the car drop out .

5. Oil cylinder with uper return oil, prevent oil cylinder rust.

Design different voltage and frequency according to user requirement.