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0458D Underground Pulley Sicssor Used Lift

Underground Pulley Sicssor Lift

  • MOQ: one set

Underground Pulley Sicssor Used Lift

Technical Parameters:
Lifting capacity4000 kg
Lifting HeightMain 1700 mm  Jack 450 mm
lIfting Time50s-60s
Length of the Platform4480 mm
Platform Width600 mm
Motor Power3.0KW-380V or 3.0kw-220V
Oli Pressure Rating24 Mpa
Air Pressure0.6-0.8 MPA
Equipment Weight1900 kg

Underground pulley scissor lift apply to all small type vehicle maintance.


1. Hydraulic synchronous control , synchronization precision.

2. The Hydraulic system adopts italy electromagnetic valve and imports of seal, ensure the stability and service life of the machine .

3. This Machine is composed of a machine frame, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electric system is composed of four parts.

4. Can be matched with various locating turntable.

5. Oil cylinder with uper return oil , prevent oil cylinder rust.

Design different voltage and frequency according to user requirement.