Why do tires need to be balanced?

2010-08-14 10:47:56 49

The car's with high-speed steering wheel jitter, should be encountered by most of the drivers , and then go to the repair shop, 4S shop overhaul, do a tire balance and no  problem any more .

Then why do the tires have to be balanced? Because the tire is mounted on the hub, it is impossible to ensure a uniform distribution of 100% weight. This involves the mechanics, the amount of imbalance generated when the rotor rotates, the centrifugal force and the centrifugal force, see the relative motion, the position and size of the operation, and the unbalanced amount. It will cause lateral vibration of the rotor and cause the rotor to be subjected to unnecessary dynamic load, which is not conducive to the normal operation of the rotor. This is why it is not balanced, and the high speed will feel jitter, the most obvious is the steering wheel, because the steering wheel is direct and The tires are connected and slightly dithered to the steering wheel.