Development of auto maintenance equipment industry

2013-09-02 11:27:24 49

Internationally, there are many auto maintenance equipment companies, but the famous and industry-influenced enterprises are mainly concentrated in Germany, the United States, Russia, Italy, France and other countries. Such as Germany's Bosch, Baisbat, the United States' SPX, Russia's Technovector, China's car king.

After years of expansion, China's auto maintenance equipment has already achieved considerable scale and speed of development. China's auto maintenance equipment industry continued to maintain prosperity, business volume and operating income continued to grow, equipment manufacturing enterprises maintained rapid growth, and the internal business model of the industry changed. With the entry of foreign capital, the international competitiveness of the industry continues to increase, market competition is becoming more standardized, and brand competition is becoming increasingly fierce. After entering the 21st century, China's automobile maintenance and testing industry has entered a rapid development track. The industry scale, technology update and product quality have all been upgraded and developed as before. A considerable part has also entered the international market.