Tire Changer

EX687C+331B Leverless Tire Changer


  • MOQ: one set


Rim Diameter12”-24”
Rim clamp from inside 14”-28”
Max. wheel diameter1200 mm
Max. wheel width3"-15"
Working pressure8~10bar
Machine weight342kg
ColorRed or DIY
CertificationCE, ISO9001

Application range:

This tire changer suit for automatic disassembly and assembly of various kinds of small and medium-sized car, tires with 12”-28” diameter.

Product Features:

Automatic tilting flat tire dismantling machine, equipped with automatic swing arm booster, pneumatic locking device.

Leverless Tire Changer Machine functions:

1. Aerodynamic tilting of the vertical column, and pneumatic automatic locking design of puss-pull.

2. The tyre lifting function is convenient and quick to operate.

3. The central pressure tire function enables the clamping jaw to quickly tighten the rim.

4. Removable swing arm pressure head, with pressure tire positioning function.

5. Change the rim range by adjusting the position of the boat.

6. The automatic centering four-arm movement structure on the rotary table is a connecting rod structure, which has synchronous performance and self-centering from the external inner clip.

7. The design of the primary forming machine structure for moving the clamp, making it difficult to deform.

8. The working head is hard chrome plated on the surface after high-frequency quenching, which ensures strength, toughness and wear resistance.

9. The working turntable has synchronous centering and fine-tuning function, which makes the disassembly and assembly of tires more smooth and makes the machine operate with low noise.

10. The disassembly work head, clamping jaw, crowbar and tyre spatula are equipped with protective cover and protective cushion to ensure that rims are not damaged.  

Machine quality: This leverless tire changer gained Europe CE certification.