Tire Changer

EX687A Tire Changer With Demount/Mount head


  • MOQ: one set


Rim clamp from outside10"-24"
Rim clamp from inside12"-26"
Max. wheel diameter             1150 mm 
Tire width                    3"-15"        
Working pressure                     8~10bar  
Machine weight220kg
ColorRed or DIY
CertificationCE, ISO9001

Application range:

This product is suitable for semi-automatic changing tires of all kinds of small and medium-sized cars, rim diameter between in 12"-26".

Product features:

Semi-automatic horizontal swing arm Tire Changers, equipped with high quality oil-water separator and 200MM Aluminum Alloy Cylinder, change tires faster and more easily.

Reasonable Price Tire Changer Functions:

1. The demount/mount head, made of special steel and four times harder than traditional stainless steel demount head, is lifelong warranty.

2. The hexagon shaft is processed by 250t press machine. This once forming process keeps its angle precise and stable.

3. The once forming mobile slider and the design of processing machinery structure made it not easy to deform.

4. The mounting head, jaws, crowbar and spade are all equipped with plastic protectors, which ensures no damage to wheel rims.

5. Bead breaker arm structure optimization increases the bead break power by 1.5 times and ensure its long using life.

6. Drawer pedal design makes it easy to assemble and convenient after sale service.

7. The box is made thicker which ensures it stability and strength.

8. 200MM Aluminum Alloy Cylinder is more powerful for bead breaking. It can work for 500,000 times.

9. Longer bar of Aluminum Alloy Cylinder is suitable for wide wheel.