Wheel balancer

EXW115B Tire Machine and Balancer

Tire Machine and Balancer

  • MOQ: one set

Tire Machine and Balancer

Rim diameter10"-24"
Max. tire diameter1000mm
Tire width1.5"-16"
Max. tire weight70kg
Spindle speed200r/min
Balance precision ±1g
Machine weight106kg

This product makes fine adjustment for tyres of various light vehicles.

Tire Machine and Balancer functions:

1. It has automatic measure ruler.

2. LCD monitor.

3. Advanced pressure sensor shows high precision.

4. The keyboard is resistant to scratch ensuring its long service life.

5. New type of ruler can be used for you maximum 24-inch rim.

6. Its traditional design makes it simple to learn,convenient to use and easy to solve after sale problems.

7. Optionally to equip foot brake.

8. Standard equipped with two cut tyre protective cover, increase the area of protection, easy to remove, save space, protective cover for optional accessories.

Tire Machine and Balancer quality:

This product gained Europe CE certification.

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